Peter Gaunt’s website

New server

I have moved this site to a new server. For many years it lived on a virtual private server (VPS) but I’ve now moved it to a managed server over which I have less control but from which I get less hassle.

I downloaded the database and scripts which ran the site so in theory I can put it back together again at some point.

The old site

I also downloaded the old site as ‘flat html’. This is available here though note that searching in the Scribblings weblog doesn’t work and neither do a few other things which relied on scripts on the server.

This version of the site was downloaded on 6 July 2019 at around 12:40. I am in the process of editing it to make it work better as flat html and think I may then leave it as an archive though I may, at some point, try to get the more script-heavy parts to work again. Who knows? My ideas keep changing.

Way back when I created a ‘handheld’ version of the stylesheet. This was before the advent of smartphones and when they came along they ignored this stylesheet and sites and phones took a different approach to rendering on small screens.

I’m supplying this old version of the site with that old handheld stylesheet because at least it works on both desktop machines and smartphones although the layout is not ideal on either. I still need to learn how to make the site work well on both desktops and mobiles but at the moment this is something I know little about and some study will be needed.

Hey I worked it out!. I’ve now worked out how to switch stylesheets depending on the screen width of the browser. After much faffing around and thinking that I might have to resort to Javascript I discovered I could have done the whole thing in an absurdly simple way which would involved changing the names of three existing files and creating three files with the same name each of which contained two lines of code. If I’d known about this I could have implemented it years ago.

Of course I still haven’t changed the handheld stylesheet which smartphone browsers get but at least desktops get the full three column styles. The handheld sheet itself is still very much from a year or two before the advent of smartphones.

I need to work out what to do about the main menu. I’d like for it to display as a drop down but I’d like to do it entirely via the stylesheet if possible. I wonder if I can do that? Hmm.